Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Ranch Cat" by Brad Dunn and Ellis County (Country Artist)

Brad Dunn and Ellis County release another spectacular Country album, "Ranch Cat." This CD shines with its finely crafted songs that are vibrant and upbeat, offers exceptional lead vocals and harmonies, and first rate instrumentation. Opening up the album, "3 Days In Mexico," charms you with its catchy melody and colorful flavors of Country tonality. Another song, "Red White and Blue," is Country Rock at its best as the lead vocals groove with an in your face attitude. The song, "Knock Em Down," is another great tune with a fun, bouncy beat and solid vocals. The last song, "Southern Wind," is a great acoustic song as the guitar, bass, and fiddle complement the charming vocals and harmony. If you are into Country music, then you will find this album to be absolutely entertaining. Fans of George Strait will really enjoy the fantastic collection of Country songs on the superb CD, "Ranch Cat."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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