Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cadillac Jukebox

"Cadillac Jukebox" is the latest released Country/Americana CD by the talented group, The Bordersnakes. This group is passionate about their music and they certainly weave a wonderful collection of entertaining songs. There are over 30 tracks to this album and each song is brimming with rich vocals and dynamic instrumentation. The opening track, "It's Only Love," draws you in with its upbeat rhythm and magnificent harmonies. There is Country flavor throughout this album but The Bordersnakes take a nostalgic throwback and spin a terrific remake of the classic songs "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and "Hello Mary Lou." Another song, "On the Floor of Heaven," is filled with a warmhearted intonation as those powerful harmonies sing a rootsy and melodic melody. If you like Roy Orbison or the Everly Brothers then you will thoroughly enjoy the delectable songs on the fabulous Country/Americana album, "Cadillac Jukebox."

Monday, April 9, 2012

C. R. Ecker Band

The C. R. Ecker Band re-releases their spectacular Country song, "Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad, and Broke,)" into what is now aptly named "Bushwacked Song (Solidify Main Street TM Theme.) Ecker has taken his gift of music and lyrical style and spins a track that will not only put a smile on your face but political wisdom into your mind. This song has all the elements of true Country flavor featuring Ecker's natural sounding voice singing some philosophical lyrics. This irresistible melody is bursting with passionate beliefs and concerns over our economic woes and how we, as people, do not have to protest with violence but with a strong and constructive leadership. Musically, this delightful song has a free flowing groove, robust vocals, and dynamic instrumentation. If you are a fan of Country music and find politics interesting then you will enjoy the charming Country song, "Bushwacked Song (Solidify Main Street TM Theme) well worth listening to.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"You Hold the Ladder" by William Ward (Country Artist from The United States)

Musical artist, William Ward, serves up a beautiful Country single, "You Hold the Ladder." This irresistible song has a soothing tonality as Ward sings with a warm and passionate style. His voice instills a peaceful tranquility as his emotive lyrics seep into your soul. You will find that this is a sweet and simple song that is genuine about its roots and sound. This single also has a charming acoustic appeal as the guitar, bass, and fiddle captures a soft and relaxing ambiance. If you like easy listening Country music then the wonderful single, "You Hold the Ladder," is just the song to hear. You will want to hear more from this talented Country artist.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Everybody Likes Guns" by Steve Lee (Country Artist from AUSTRALIA)

Talented musician, Steve Lee, releases his 2nd amazing Alternative Country CD, "Everybody Likes Guns." Lee spins another album chocked full of melodic melodies relating to guns and why you should like them as he even creates some song titles that have the word "gun" in it. The opener, "Who Gave You The Right," impresses with its hue of energy and thought provoking lyrics. The title track, "Everybody Likes Guns," catchy your ear with its bouncy beat, charming fiddle riffs, and Lee's captivating vocals singing with a charismatic appeal. The playful song, "Gonna Buy Me A Gun," once again has those fun loving lyrics and Lee's enchanting voice. Lee has taken his love of guns and created a fascinating palette of songs. If you are into Country music and/or a fan of guns, then you will thoroughly enjoy the excellent album, "Everybody Likes Guns."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Country Songs by Artty Raynes (Country Artist from Massachusetts)

Talented artist, Artty Raynes, releases an outstanding Country CD, "Country Songs." Raynes, who is a composer/vocalist, does a terrific job at creating an album which is brimming with fresh and original Country music. Opening up the CD, the song, "Every Time I Hear a Country Song," instantly introduces you to the sounds of great down home Country music. The vocals are sweet and charming and are complemented by dynamic instrumentation. The song, "Fool for Loving You," has a nice bouncy rhythm and vocals that sweep you off your feet. The lyrics are entertaining and reflect on a tale of love. "Sweet Woman," is a melodic song that has a driving beat, emotive vocals, and a great blend of Country instrumentation. If you like the great artists Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson then you will really enjoy the delectable Country music on the album, "Country Songs."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, October 17, 2011

"I Just Wanna' Meet Girls" by The C.R. Ecker Band (Country Artist from Los Angeles, CA)

PASTE_The C.R. Ecker Band releases another wonderful Country single, "I Just Wanna Meet Girls." This song is the second single from their album, "Bushwacked (Bewildered, Beat-up Bad and Broke)," and has a delightful classic Country sound. The instruments are dynamically balanced as they keep a bouncy rhythm to this enchanting melody. The lyrics, and you would expect this from reading the title, are fun and quite witty as they are a tribute to the ups and downs of being a teenage boy meeting girls. The vocals are charming and capture the free spirited feeling this song has to offer. This band proves they can have fun with music in a creative, toe tapping Country style. If you like Hank Williams or Buck Owens then you will really enjoy the fantastic single, "I Just Wanna Meet Girls."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"$2 Bill / Long Journey Home" by FidlinByGeorge (Country Artist from California)

Country artist, Fidlin By George & George Kister, releases a terrific Country/Bluegrass single, "$2 Bill/ Long Journey Home (Tipity Tap Inc Presents:)." Kister, a self taught musician, brings his love of music to life. This song has all the flavors of classic Country but with Kister adding in his own personal charm. His vocals are passionate as he sings this engaging melody with a soulful tonality. The fiddle, guitar, drums, and upright bass complement this wonderful song with a fresh and original appeal. The tempo has a lively beat and makes you want to start tapping your feet to this melodic melody. You will want to hear more from this artist after you hear his newest song. If you like the good old sound of classic Country/Bluegrass music, then you will enjoy the delightful single, "$2 Bill/ Long Journey Home (Tipity Tap Inc Presents:)."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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